Next Ye Best Chamber and the Passing Room

The Passing Room and Next Ye Best Chamber were the rooms that the best guests would pass through in order to enter their own bedroom for the night. The Best Chamber is at the end of the wing, and so there is some privacy here; no one passes through this room to access another.

Next Ye Best Chamber

Should the best guests have brought their own personal servants, they would be quartered in this small ante room located next ye best chamber. In the days before a bell system was installed at Tredegar House, servants needed to be within calling distance of their masters. Indeed, sometimes even in post-Tudor times some servants may have slept in the same room as their masters and mistresses, possibly at the foot of the bed. Click the link for a photo.

In later times the room that was next ye best would be used as a dressing room for the Best Chamber itself. The paintings currently hanging in here are not original to the Tredegar Collection and are, in the main, on loan.

The Passing Room

This was another guest room for much of the House’s history. These guests would not have had so much privacy as the best guests and their retainers would be passing to and fro as required. (The  link will take you to a picture of the Passing Room)

The colour scheme in here is rather dark and dull by today’s tastes; drab was used in bedrooms and guest rooms as, by candlelight,  it helped to accentuate the paintings and furniture that adorned these rooms. The over mantle painting is Seventeenth Century and depicts Apollo Pursuing Daphne. The gentleman to the left is John Morgan, the last in the male line, who died in 1792. When John died the Estate passed to his sister Jane and her husband Charles Gould. Charles adopted the family Arms and took the name of Morgan by Royal License.


2 responses to “Next Ye Best Chamber and the Passing Room

  • Kathy Riddle

    Enjoyed this very much. My family is researching ancestry. Looks as if the Morgans are grandparents from long ago. Could you tell me what time of the year is best to visit Wales?

    • Steff Ellis

      Thanks Kathy. Visiting Wales at any time is great of course! This time of year is quite good. Most attractions are open from March onwards, and before the Summer holidays it is reasonably quiet. If you are researching family history check for public holidays when libraries and archives tend to close and call them in advance. Tredegar House is open seven days a week.

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