An Anniversary Passes Unnoticed

Not my own anniversary. Yesterday my wife and I marked our nineteenth wedding anniversary with a very enjoyable lunch. It reminded me, though, that at Tredegar Park we had forgotten to mark a rather important anniversary concerning  the history of the House.

Three hundred and fifty years ago on the 4th of November 1661, William Morgan of Tredegar Park married his first cousin, Blanche Morgan of Y Dderw in Breconshire. The house at Tredegar Park then was not the one we see today. Only one wing remains of the house that became the home of Blanche Morgan.  Blanche’s father, yet another William Morgan, had been the King’s Attorney for South Wales and owned considerable lands in Breconshire. After the deaths of her brother and father, Blanche  inherited the Breconshire estates which, following the marriage, became the property of her husband. I can’t help thinking that this fortune helped to pay for a new house at Tredegar – the building we see today. Perhaps Blanche had insisted on having a grand new house.

Sadly, Blanche didn’t get to enjoy her new home. She died in 1673. Tredegar House seems to have been completed in around the same time.  There is epigraphic evidence to support this in the form of a painted glass sun-dial bearing the date 1672 and a door on which is carved “Roger Lewis, Butler 1674”.


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