Out of Season at Tredegar House

The ‘Season’ at Tredegar House came to an end on the thirtieth of September. Officially. However, we continued with weekend tours (five per day) throughout October, then there were several private group tours, weddings took place in the New Hall, schools came in for Victorian workshops and the month was rounded off with three and a half thousand visitors crossing the threshold (Victorian) for the Halloween event.

The House isn’t opened every day now. It is darker indoors and, as the days get shorter and the weather wetter, gloomier. In a way, that makes it more of an event when we do open up the House for various visitors. November is having its moments too. The BBC came and dressed the Gilt Room to look a little 1930s, they built a mock trench in the stable courtyard and under-dressed a servants’ attic room (remnants of original paper show they would have been bright and cheery) before disappearing with it all just before a wedding ceremony was due to take place.

Last week we had several visits from the National Trust hierarchy. Things seem to have picked up steam again concerning the transfer of Tredegar House to the National Trust. We even had the new Director of National Trust Wales, Justin Albert, down for a brief look around.

Chatting informally to a couple of us in the Office, Justin Albert said that he hoped to increase community involvement in the place and that the more popular events that we hold would continue. Hopefully, that will include the Spooky Tales tours. Most of them have sold out for November and last night (the eleventh) the thirty visitors escorted around by Paul Busby were treated to a selection of stories wild, weird and a little bit worrying.

In other words, the ‘Season’ never really ends at Tredegar House, it just gets a bit different.


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